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Luca Turchet


At the moment the concertistic activity as soloist is principally focused on the hurdy-gurdy, especially with spectacles in form of conference-concert.











Novallys Quartet


Quartet born in 2013 with the goal of combining styles and musical instruments typical of different Italian regions, as well as of merging the ancient with the modern.

Group components:


Novallys Quartet



Giuliano Gabriele & Jacaranda


Giuliano Gabriele

In 2012 Luca started the collaboration with the songwriter Giuliano Gabriele and the band Jacaranda, performing in several concerts and participating to the recordings of the cd "Melodeonìa" (label World Tarantella). The cd is a path in the traditional repertoire of the Southern Italy, which starting from the rhythm of the tarantella arrives to the world experimentation. Alternating the ancient with the modern, the musical contamination gives rise to original compositions and arrangements, build on Southern Italian styles and Northern European harmonies.

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Quartet Turchet-Trio Broz


In project there is the collaboration with the Trio Broz, with the composition of works for hurdy-gurdy and string trio which aims to merge classical and folk music.


Trio Broz

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Folk and balfolk


Several are the collaborations with different folk ensambles, especially to entertain the balfolks. Among these:

  • Duo with the accordeonist Jean-Baptiste Brunel

Luca Turchet and Jean-Baptiste Brunel

Luca Turchet and Damatrà

Luca Turchet and and Orchestra Popolare Italiana

Luca Turchet and Marianne Green

Luca Turchet and Daniele Contardo

    • Duo with Peppe Copia

Luca Turchet and Peppe Copia


My book "Folk Soul" is purchasable both as paper book and e-book


Folk Soul



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