Folk Soul

"A journey into European folk music and dances between the past, the present and the future"


Folk Soul

This is a book which talks about men’s souls. A special type of soul, a "folk" soul. Folk souls find each other. Luca is convinced of this, the twenty-nine year old author and protagonist of this book which lies somewhere between a romance and an autobiography, a manual and an essay. Through the careful and curious eyes of a tireless traveller, encounters, anecdotes, and fortuitous coincidences present the European folk world in all its beauty and authenticity. A world made of music and musicians, dances and dancers, instruments and luthiers, festivals and enjoyment. But also of a heritage of culture and values which the centennial wisdom of the traditions has entrusted to a modern man ever more separated from the community, from nature, and from himself. In the age of internet, of technological progress, and of globalization, talking about traditions, proverbs, dialects, ancient instruments and popular dances might seem anachronistic. However, the messages within these pages will cause you to reflect on how these timeworn practices are alive and how they can lead man towards a path of enlightenment.

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My book "Folk Soul" is purchasable both as paper book and e-book


Folk Soul



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