Traditional dances


I first experienced the beauty of traditional dances when I was teenager and started to go along to dance workshops run by a folk music association called the Gruppo Etnico Musicale dei Panganoti Cimbri, based in the Valpantena valley of Verona where I grew up.

The first traditional dances I learnt were from the Cimbri and Veneto region, but my passion for this type of dance soon led me to delve deeper into the repertoire of other regions, both Italian and European. For many years, I went to classes at the Gruppo Ricerca Danza Popolare of Verona and several other cultural associations that work to promote the rich dance traditions that are found in every corner of the Old Continent. I also took part in dozens of dance workshops at some of the biggest traditional dance festivals such as the Gran Bal de l'Europe and the Gran Bal Trad.

As fate would have it, I ended up living in a number of different countries, which gave me the opportunity to learn the traditional dances of each country first hand.

Time passed and I began to devote myself to teaching these dances, so that I could share what I had learned over the years and pass on my passion for this healthy and inspiring activity. Having studied traditional dance in Italy, France, Denmark and Sweden, I now teach dances from various parts of Italy and Europe, focussing especially on the most popular and well-known balfolk dances.


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