Welcome to my website! Thanks for your interest! Here you will find information about my activities as artist and university researcher. Yes, that's right, it is possible to be both, all you have to do is want it!

As a researcher I mostly deal with sound design and multisensory perception; as an artist I'm engaged in music, writing, and dance.

For years my artistic life has gone hand in hand with the academic one, insomuch as now I am not able to do without one nor the other. I am deeply convinced that art and science are two different but absolutely complementary ways to explore the same world.

All I have produced so far is a consequence of my firm belief in culture as essential to evolution, and of the will to improve day after day, of living intensely every single emotion of this extraordinary journey which is called life. But above all, it is a consequence of my thirst for knowledge. In addition to this, a good dose of curiosity and the natural pleasure in pushing myself.

I am really happy to have this space to share a dash of my creativity with all of you!


Happy surfing!


Portrait of Luca Turchet with hurdy gurdy




My book "Folk Soul" is purchasable both as paper book and e-book


Folk Soul



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